About Us

Welcome to CrackerNapper.com !

We want to welcome you to our website, and to our community of cracks.
This section has been created to tell the users/downloaders a little about ourselves.
We are a fairly experienced group of coders, and we all love technology.
We have taken multiple coding courses through highschool and in post-secondary.
We decided that we should put our skills to a good use and decided to start writing cracks.
The reason behind this is because we are internet junkies.
We love playing games, downloading and trying all sorts of programs/apps,
And it is just simply our passion.
So we started cracking a couple programs and our friends wanted them as well.
At the time we had only cracked 2 programs, but we figured we would create
A website where our friends and others, can download these programs.
So then CrackerNapper was born and now we are receiving hundreds of downloads a week
And we are glad that we can contribute to your internet experience !

Our namers are: (List of people running site/creating cracks)

So once again have a beautiful day, and thank you for your support !

~ The CrackerNappers

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